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Someone once said ‘Time flies, but memories last forever‘.

Another year, another memories added to the brain. Another beautiful moments, which will be with us as long as I am alive. Time is very amazing sometimes I feel it moves very slowly but is passes very quickly. We humans are very intelligent, we invent methods to count time so that we can keep track of our lives and check how we use our time. As Benjamin Franklin said   

     If you love your life then do not squander time

      for that’s the stuff life is made of

So if after some years ( or many years) I want to track my life in the year 2017, I can come back at this post. Here are some things below, which left an impact in my life and may be it will continue-

1. Starting Doctoral Study : Ooh big decision, last year exactly at this time I came in Mumbai for my doctoral study. One year passes, lot of experiences. I came to know why people like Da vinci and Bruce Lee said ‘ Knowing is not enough ;we must apply, being willing is not enough; we must do. I felt during my start I may know lot of bookish things but how much can i do in laboratory. I felt there is a big gap between knowing and doing. I also feel, doctoral studies are not for the most intelligent persons but for most persistent persons. During this year I have met some of the wonderful minds in the world of chemistry from Prof. K.C. Nicolaou to Prof. Peter Seeberger. They make me realise people become great not just because of their work but also for their humbleness. I hope meeting with these people will continue and I will  keep learning from them so that I can do my job in a better way.


2. Starting Blog- a magical decision : I never thought I could write something on a global platform, although I love reading from my childhood. But as some people say, ‘some things just happen in life, you may not know it’s value at that time but someday you will realize’ . It was one of those things for me, starting my own blog was one of best decisions I have ever taken. It is one of those things which I really do for myself with no expectations from others, though it feels good when others appreciate or even criticise. At this moment I am 6 months old in blogging and not a huge number of people read my posts but as I said I don’t have any expectations, I will carry on as long as I love it. So from the new year I will try to to write on more interesting topics ( that’s the best thing here, you can write anything you like) also I joined medium few days back so it’s a bonus for me as I get another platform to read and publish my posts. Hope 2018 will be a great year for my blog.

3. Books- my best friends this year : If I have to say my best habit till now, it is this- Reading Books. I have learned more in last two years than in my entire lifetime at college and school. I didn’t had any plans for which books to read this year but I have read some amazing books. 5 books which I loved this year are-

The Power of Habit- by Charles Duhigg                                                                                           

So good they can’t ignore you- by Cal Newport

Deep Work- by Cal Newport

Rich Dad Poor Dad- by Robert Kiyosaki

The Gita- by Roopa Pai


I am very hopefull this list will increase next year. 

4. Apps- can really change one’s life : We are living in age of information, where everyday lot of inventions occuring. A simple idea and anyone can be millionaire. According to a stats there are approx. 1,252,777 total apps in the App store and as many 60000 apps are adding each month also this number is increasing each day, So among these huge number of apps I have found one which think is really innovative and very useful specially for those people who want to grow their knowledge but don’t have much time to read. Blinkist is such an app ( made in Germany) which summarises a book and tell you the key points of the book in just four minutes beautifully (they called it Big Ideas in small packages). Though It is not entirely free but first month is free, give it a try. It is choosen as the best i-tunes app of this year.                                                                                                                                                  Also linkedIn which I have known for  last three years but it’s actual value now I am realizing. It is far more useful than I used to think. You can connect with best peoples in your field ( also other) and share your views and much more.   

5.  Health Conscious- You may call it showoff but I love it: What is the one thing that you have to live with no matter where you are, in which situation you are –  it is your body. Probably everyone knows it and understands it’s value but as someone says ‘knowing is not enough, you must do’ . This year I have taken it bit more seriously and started running and going to gym. You may read about the benefits of exercise but just once experience it, you will love it. I have got a very nice sentence, nurturing body-mind-soul. The journey begins this year and to be continued……..     

6. Travelling: One benefit of being a graduate student is you get to see new places frequently. I have never travelled like this year . I visited Tarkarli (a small village popular it’s beaches)  earlier this year followed by  Mahabaleswar and Lonavala at the end of year. It make me realise why ancient people travel in search of knowledge.


7. Humanity-yes it still exists: In this era when people are becoming more and more materialistic and self-centric thanks to some people who teach people humans are superior because of humanity. Few months back I have written about an incredible man Vijayan- who despite being a tea seller show us no obstacle can stop you if only you are strong enough. Read his story in case you miss it Click here .

     I have met with some amazing people this year and made some good friends who strengthen my faith in humanity. We need more people like that, hopefully I will meet more of them in 2018.


It is being a wonderful year with all the lessons I learned either from good or bad               experiences, which will surely help me improving my life. Looking ahead for an exciting year 2018.

May the sweet magic of christmas not only fills your heart and soul but also spreads to your dears. Wishing you and your family a christmas filled with fun and joy.

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 IN ADVANCE.                                                                                  Love you all

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