What can i give

Today I bought a book name ‘what can I give’ by srijan pal Singh on Dr apj Abdul kalam’s (my roll model) teaching .Every time I read a book on him or by him , I astonish how a soul can be sooo pure, I and guess everyone get immense inspiration from him.                                       So I also want to give something to my people atleast where I grow up, to society.  Write now I don’t know how but I will.             Why people become so selfish and self centric in their lives? . They look for happiness, try to achieve it but rarely achieve. Happiness is not an achievement , it’s a state of mind. From last two three years I have read a lot about these things ,and which shape my thinking like a philosopher (my friend’s say, I also believe).I want to be a happy person in life ( like everyone wants).          Happiness truly comes from within (not temporary one) when we help others anyway. Apj Abdul kalam Sir ,you have taught us the biggest lessons of life.Thank you God for sending such a soul to earth, to India.

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