Are you just Aging or growing?

    The World is a Whirlpool of materialism, People think Money can bring them happiness.

But to me happiness is freedom, happiness is knowledge and happiness is science.        

This is one of the statement from a 97 year Old women Le thi from Vietnam who is a multitalented person  but learned most of the skills at later stages of her life.To know more about her click here.

Le thi with her great granddaughter


Ruth Frith started doing shot put and javeline at the age 73, since then she had made six records. British Indian marathon runner Fauja singh kept running until he is 101.In the year 2004 he was choosen the face of Adidas (replacing David Beckham).Read here his sectet to ever youthfulness.

Fauja singh as face of Adidas.


There are many people like Le thi or Ruth frith or Fauja singh, whose curiosity does not die before their death. Reading such stories you might think ‘ oh! these are exceptional people or god gifted people’. That’s ofcourse your choice , how you see the world.

As we grow older one common line most of the people use is’ If I could just get back my childhood one more time or If I could get back my adulthood’. Why they want to get back to their past?                                             

With age everyone wants to grow professionally, want to become succesfull materially but in that race very few people  grow personally as well (which i guess is more important).Most often we judge the maturity of a person based on his/her age, if he is an old person, he must be very mature and if he is just in his 20’s he don’t have that wisdom.But how is that logical  ‘maturity comes from experiences not age‘.

One can be mature enough in his/her 20’s, if he/she has that curiousity for knowledge and have experiences. Everyone has limited time to live in this world we all know that but then why as most people finish their formal education, get a job or enter in their 30’s stop learning, stop acquire any new skill, as if waiting for death.Everyone wants to be succesful  but everyone doesn’t want to learn from people who are already very succesfull, the main thing which keeps them succesfulis is, they never stop learning, never stop growing. One of my favourite quote is by Benjamin Franklin

  ‘Many People die at 25 and are not buried until they are 75′

Think about your 5 years before version, are you a more healthier, more knowledgeable, a better communicator today. Personal growth is the key to professional growth.

Science also shows exactly the same, If you want to be forever happy even at your 70’s 80’s or 90’s then you should not let your curiosity die, as you move towards your 50’s or 60’s learning new skill becomes little difficult but you can prevent it by keeping an habit of learning from early age.Just like your physical body your brain also needs exercise for being healthy forever. Read a research result of prof. Stephen McNair here

You cannot prevent the days from adding to your life , but you can surely prevent yourself from becoming old, he who is not up to date or doesn’t have knowledge of present time or who is not willing to learn any new skill is old. Above mentioned persons are not exceptions, they just don’t want to be old.                                                                            

 “Don’t just add days to your Life, add skills to your Life”

Have forever youthfulness


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