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Last week I was in Goa, the paradise for tourists all over the world. According to a survey Goa attracts six million visitors around the globe every year.

But what is it about Goa that makes it paradise for visitors?

Of course, it’s beautiful beaches are a major attraction but that’s not all. The environment there itself is very calm and relaxed. So much serenity everywhere. On top of that, it’s cosmopolitan culture and food makes Goa even better. If you want to see the world just in one visit, then you should definitely visit Goa. You will find people from every corner of the world in Goa. And that’s what makes Goa special.

However, except all the things mentioned above I had a special experience in Goa.

I always had this wish to visit an orphanage. I used to wonder how those children live there, for some children their parents are no more in this world and for some, their parents leave them to an orphanage. How strong they have to be to live without the love of their parents. What for most us is worst nightmare, for them that’s the reality. I was very curious to see those children, to talk with them about their experiences. I didn’t get that chance in my childhood. Finally, I get the chance to see them in my 20’s.

The day Goa trip was planned I told myself this is my best chance to visit those children as I will not be busy there at least.

And the day finally came when on 16th December (2018) afternoon I visited such an orphanage. It was named as ‘Matruchhaya Orphanage’,. What interesting was, I never heard or knew about that orphanage or for that matter any orphanage in Goa. I just searched on Google about orphanage near me and it shows the name with address Dhavali, Ponda, Goa 403401. Below is the image Google showed-

It took me approx. 35 minute to reach there from my place in Goa. The Orphanage was inside a village. It was so much peace there. Roads were empty, so much greenery everywhere, the view around the village was so majestic. I arrived there at about 4. 30 p.m.

Honestly, I was actually little nervous the moment I entered there. Childrens were laughing at me as if I came from some other planet. There were one older woman and a man, whom I guessed take care of the children there.

The man and the woman called me inside a room which was their office. The whole scene made me very nostalgic, I used to imagine scenes like this in my childhood and used to see sometimes on television. They asked my name and what I do. I told them I always wanted to visit children who live in an orphanage. In a little time, I made myself comfortable with them.

I started asking them how do they take care of so many children? Did some of the children have parents and how often they visit them? I asked about their organization and how they help children?

It was probably the best 20 minutes conversation with some strangers. I get to know so much while talking with them. Some of their answers actually surprised me. I used to think people often visit such orphanage to see those children, to help them or atleast to spend some time with them. However, they told me that very rarely people nowadays visit those children and even if sometimes people visit, they do because that’s his/her birthday or any special day. Nothing wrong with that.

However, I think the purpose of the visit is wrong. People celebrate their birthday with those children to make his/her day special not to make those children’s day special. And I realize this when I went to give them some chocolates I brought for them. Everyone was saying ‘Happy birthday bhaiyya’ (Happy birthday brother), although I told them it was not my birthday. Even those children knew that most people visit them for their own motive not to really spend time with them.

I am usually an introvert when I meet with new people. But that day it was something amazing, I talked with each and every child there asked their name and about their experiences. Their innocent eyes did tell me a lot of things that day. Although they smile and look happy from outside, they do miss their parents a lot. They do miss the love and affection which we all got in our childhood.

Infact, talking with them made me feel stupid about myself. I rarely expressed gratitude to my parents, my friends and other people for giving so much of love and tenderness throughout my life. Most of us take these things for granted. Parents will take care of their children, it’s their duty right but we should realize it’s their chice not duty. You will probably never realize that until you met someone whose parents haven’t choose to take care of him/her. Those children made me feel grateful to everyone who spent their time to make me feel better and make my life better.

I wouldn’t forget that women who take care of all the children there. Imagine, taking care of one child is not that easy but she has to take care of more than 50 children at the same time. I told her the kind of great work she is doing for those children, by educating them, by taking care of their needs. Surely she will have a graceful life as so many children’s blessings are with her. I was so happy to see the glow in her face when I talked with the children there. She wants people to spend some quality time with the children not to just bring some gifts for them. She thanked me for visiting their place and thankfully agreed to take a picture with me.

Believe me that two hours in Orphanage is the best experience in Goa I remember. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much from them. I bring some great memories from there to cherish.

I must tell you one incident when one of the children asked me ‘Are you on Google?’

For a moment I thought, am I really on Google? Then I checked and told them if you just search joyexcel on Google, you will find me. It’s great to see they were so much interested in me. When I was leaving they gave me the best compliment of my life to remember. When they said-

” Bhaiyya aap bahut achhe hon “

That line just melted my heart. You may get compliments from people all the time but when you get a compliment from some innocent and pure children, it feels different and special.

In the end, I just want suggest you few things. Yes, we all are busy in our life for making our living. We all have our own problems, frustrations, worries. But we also have our own comforts, luxuries, richness which we rarely admit and grateful for.

And most probably you will never be grateful until you find the reason why should you be grateful towards someone or something. Meeting with those children made me feel grateful towards life. However busy you are, make some time to meet different people around the globe to realize you also have many things in life along with your don’t have list.

There were some beautiful lines I read-

Have a wonderful week. Until next time. -Joy

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