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Are you a Global Citizen ?

By April 23, 2017One Thought
One  may think by looking at the name of the post , do i need  to have citizenship of multiple countries ?

Well you do not (it”s great if you have).
Do you call a person Global Citizen if only he has multiple citizenship ?
well I don”t think, It is more an idea than to have any documental proof.. 
I think it is not a new Idea, if you read ancient history, great people like  Hiuen-Tsang, Fa-hien, Marco polo,Columbus travelled the world  and gain knowledge.
In 21st century the concept of Global Citizenship becomes more important ,and it”s much easier also  you don”t need travel the whole world to become one, you can know about the whole world sitting at your home. You need just recognize yourself as a Global Citizenship and become a responsible one.
So why you need to be a Global Citizenship?
With science and technological advancement the World is never so connected like this generation  (surely it will increase).
So, things happen in a country not only effect”s it’s own people but other people also.
For example if pollution level of one country increases, it”s not going to affect that country but it”s neighbouring countries also, similarly there are so many things.
And there are things we need more collaborations across the globe to have a better World like Science,, Arts,etc.
So it”s high time that not only government collaborations but we need people”s collaborations.
So, don”t limit yourself to just your community or place ( of course, it”s your root ,never forget this)
but explore yourself to other  places, cultures.In that way you can increase your knowledge also (that”s what ancient traveller”s did to gain knowledge).
So, know your origin , but try to know other”s also.Don”t wait for the day may be when alliens will threat humankind, then all humans have to unite for survival (just kidding)
By the way I have a dream actually , to have friends across the Globe , so that I can know the world in a better way (hopefully you to).
So, travel whenever you get chance , make friends from different countries, Read about the world .
You belong to this world  , don”t limit yourself to just your place

This world is our Home, so let us unite together and say  ” WE ARE ONE”.

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