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Are you replacing Love with Technology ?

By May 14, 2017No Thoughts
Have you ever think (or read ) how homosapiens (us )  come to this world and struggled for their existence. Wherever  and whatever we are today because of our ancestors.

If they didn’t fight for their existence ,we would not be here today. So how they managed to fight against the all odd conditions then,   one can read few books of  for the detailed answer, but in short (to me)  they win ahainst all odd conditions because they were united.
  The somehow knew ,if they want to exist they have to connect with each other ,understand each other ,which they had done successfully.

Then as we all know comes the era when, to make human life easy and  smoother  science give us gadgets ,which changes everything ,we proved again we are the most creative and intelligent creature.
And we are now in the era when we can connect in seconds with anyone in the world through social networking sites. Everything looks really great  but wait are we missing something ,which our ancestors showed us?

Are we really connecting with one another or trying to replace conversations with connections.
Today when you look at your surroundings, the picture is really alarming . Most people are not at all interested in knowing each other but busy in their gadgets , more ridiculously sometimes in spite of being with each other they are busy in texting  someone else or each other.
In spite of having thousand friends in facebook or followers on twitter or instagram we feel very lonely. I feel somehow ,we are forgetting, the value of relationships in a human life is much more worth than our expensive gadgets.
AND the technology is evolving so quickly that most of us are barely aware of how our behavior is changing.
Just like nuclear power ,gadgets can make us very productive and smart  or it can destroy us (by destroying the connectivity among us) .

So it’s high time we prioritize things in our life, and good news is people becoming aware of these things. Some of the recent articles on ‘IS FACEBOOK MAKING US LONELY’ ,  and one by a MIT  Prof.  ‘THE FLIGHT FROM CONVERSATION’ are getting great response and more and more people should read these.

So believe me our ancestors were not fool (otherwise we would not been here), they showed us ,for the betterment of humanity we must unite and know each other.
Technology is great in it’s own place ,we can’t imagine our life without it,   but it cannot be a replacement of LOVE. Still not convinsed,  please  watch the below video

I am posting the following links ,please read if you are intersted and share your thoughts on this.

And last but not the least  never forget the quote by the man of this century –

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