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Can you be a multitalented person ?

By April 9, 2017No Thoughts
Few days back i saw a question on quora “should a scientist have knowledge about literature? “.

I mean where are we going, why  a scientist should not know about literature,if he/she has interest.

I remember a story in my school english book ” Further progress in specialisation”    written by stephen leacock, where he beautifully describe how specialisation going to affect human life, if you did not read it please read it once. 

Then i remember life of ancient geniuses, one of them is “Leonardo da vinci” , think about his life he was a  painter, scientist, anatomist,  musician, mathematican and much more .In todays world one may think how it is possible but they were also homo sapiens like us. They showed us one can have more than one passion, you need to just explore .

He always said “Science and arts is never different, they are for each other” .
da vinci is not the only person to have expertise in multiple areas, there are lot more people like him.

Nature never discriminate things or subjects,it uses everything for it”s good, it”s humans who devide things for making understanding easier, that does not mean they are not connected to each other.

So explore yourself , do things that you like or you think you like , you might discover a hidden talent in yourself.
I have decided not to stop myself experimenting with various things (which i think i have interest).
That”s why i try to write in blog   ,i don”t know wheather i am good at writing, but i feel good.

It”s easy to find something in life for living and settle down but then you never know you have other potentials also, obviously it is not an easy path  but probably this is the way to live life to it”s fullest .

And then remember about “Leonardo di ser Piero da vinci” and other people who who never stop themselves from learning something new and gain expertise in that.

Write now what are my interests, “chemistry, psychology,philosophy,writing,reading various books(non fiction one specially),music,history etc, i am trying to grow in these areas.

so next time when you think you might have interest in something, don”t stop yourself, try it    you may find a new talent in yourself.

Leonardo  da  vinci


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