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Conquer your worries before it eats you.

By April 16, 2017No Thoughts
 This sunday i call every friend of mine ,who are in my contact .One common thing i found among all of them is worry, they all worried about their future.This is not uncommon,even i am also worried about my future . Science also says that the age between 18-33 is most common when people are most stressed .

I also thought worrying about future is not bad until i  come across a book by Dale carnegie 
“How to stop worrying and start living”  
It”s may be known to everyone that worrying too much can decline your mental health, as a result your physical health will also decline , but worrying too much can also cause tooth decay (i never knew)and other problems.

Everyone probably knows problems associated with anxiety,worry,insecurity and frankly no one wants to worry knowingly, it”s may be situation that force a person to worry.

So the question is not “How to stop worry but  how to conquer worry” 
It is not very easy to conquer it if you just sit and think ( or it may very slow process) ,as human is social creature so we must learn from other”s kowledge ,what other’s had done when they were in the same situation and then think (faster process now).

There is a famous quote by Stephen Leacock ” How strange it is ,our little procession of life! ,  the child says ‘When I am  a big boy”but What is that ? The big boy says “When i get married” But to be married ,what is that after after all? The thought changes to “When I am able to retire ” And then when retirement comes he looks back over the landscape transversed,a cold wind seems to sweep over it; Somehow he has missed it all ,and it is gone . Life we learn too late ,is in the living,in the tissue of every day and hour. 

Willis H carrier , a brilliant engineer used to do followig three steps to overcome worry
1.Ask yourself,”What is the worst that can possibly happen ? when you are worried about something
2.Prepare to accept it if you have to
3. Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

Everyone may know some people who are always stressed whatever the situation may be and some people under same circumstance are happy or at least not stressed (I have seen so many people like this). This does not mean people who are not stressed never think about their future, they think but they don”t think about things not in their control.

Thus it is upto you how you are handling the situation. I ,myself actually worried about my future and about other things ,then who am i to giving other”s suggestions . I am Nobody 
to give other”s suggestions ,by writing these things I am giving  suggestions to myself , 
my heart talk to my mind or vice versa.

Therefor don”t ever make ,  any destination in your life (and think if you reach there you will be the happiest peson), somehow i feel this is the biggest reason for misery.
And Ralph Waldo Emerson (an american poet) said “Life is a journey not destination” 

So next time whenever you are worried , just say to yourself ,    if i want to make my future better ,I need to conquer this worry and focus on what i have” 

For an real example read the story of hungarian shooter ” Karoly Takacs”   
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