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God’s Most Beautiful Creation.

By April 30, 2017No Thoughts
                          What  do you think is the most beautiful creation in the World by Nature (or God).     Is it  7 Wonders of world    Or  some other places.  Well,  to me the most beautiful creation is with everyone , yeah you guess it right it”s  MOTHER , whom we call   MAA . in India (in most of the places).

There is magic in the word Maa,  not only for those who knows the meaning but for those also who doesn”t know the meaning.  You need minimum effort to pronounce this word and anyone in the world can easily pronounce it, it can soothe your mind (try it whenever you are stressed), probably because  they are the simplest persons in the whole world.

Have you ever heard of a bad mother ?, I mean you can heard about a  bad wife , bad sister, bad aunty (or any other form of a women) but a mother cannot be bad , irrespective of everything he loves her son /daughter.

If anyone ask you “What is LOVE”, you can give answer in probably thousand ways, but what could be the shortest answer,   I think  it”s ‘ Mother’  , I  mean  Who can be the better example of  LOVE  than Mother, Who gives her whole life selfless service to other”s and does not expect anything in return.
I sometimes ponder what happen to us as we grow older, remember those childhood days when we showed our love toward’s our mother,   as time passes mother’s love for her child remains same ,it’s not that child’s love for mother reduces with time but somehow I feel we forget to express that love.
We think  we have grown up ,get busy in life, but if we try to see from a Mother’s point of view (I know it is not easy to see Mother’s point of view )  you are and you will always be a child to your mother.
Show your maturity to  the world, but when it comes to your mother ,be a child (that somewhere hides inside you) ,express your love.

Many of us are often
far away from our home (for various reasons), so manytimes it happens that my mother  calls me many times a week (sometimes few times a day),  there was a time when I felt irriatated due to so many calls ,  then I realized that  may be for me it is just a talk with my mom, but for her it is much more than this, one phone call brings smile on her face for the whole day,fills her with hope.

Anybody can write an entire book on her mother, everyone knows her/his life would not have been possible without his/her mother. The point is not only to praise her but to be with her when she needs us most and make her realise that we are the same  ‘that child’ who loves them most in the world.

 Next time when your mother call you (or you are with your mother)  express your love ( say I LOVE YOU) , and I promise i will also do.

So, you don’t need to travel the whole world too see most amazing creation by nature, it is with you, don’t ever loose this gift.

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