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There is a Chinese saying that goes like this’ if you want happiness for an hour, then take a nap, if you happiness for a day, then go fishing, if you happiness for a year, then inherit a future, but if you happiness for the lifetime, then help somebody.’

Have you ever think why problems like stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and much more suddenly increase to 10 fold (or maybe 100 fold) in this generation.

Yeah, you might have 100 or more reasons in your mind, but one major reason which causes great harm to people, in this modern era is loneliness. From the very start of human civilization, one thing is very noteworthy and that is    ‘we survived because we fought together‘  but today we are moving away from our very basic nature, we are so obsessed with only ourselves that we forget our basic nature.

Scientific research today giving us compelling data to support the fact that, giving is powerful pathway for your growth and lasting happiness 

The problem lies, in the way we have taught from childhood about the world ‘ this is a damn competitive world, go and take whatever you want’. Honestly, I also believed in this, but today at this stage of life I feel, always thinking about yourself and the mentality of only taking things from the world doesn’t make you grow as a person. Yes, the world is competitive but then why to think ‘only by defeating other’s you can win, compete with yourself, become a better version of yourself, in this way people will also help you succeed (yes, still there are good human beings on earth).

So how can you help, oh and if you are thinking “I am not myself perfect then how can I help others or if you are waiting for the day when you will have everything you want then you will do something,  understand the value of helping, not the price of helping.

And we frankly don’t do any favor to others by helping, we actually help ourselves, along with tons of health-related benefits, we feel a sense of belonging, which is I guess very much missing in this modern era. There is a TED video of a Harvard psychologist, they conducted the longest research of mankind to find out ‘what makes a good life ?’, and their result, just click on the link below to know                                                                                                                                                                                          What makes a good life?

And I can’t stop myself from telling this story which you might have heard ,                                    ‘Once in a seminar, the speaker takes the audience in a room, give them some balloon and asked their name on the balloon, then he throws the balloons here and there and asked the audience to find the balloons with their name as quickly as possible, as expected people collide with each other, fall  down and still some of them unable to find the proper balloon, then the speaker asked them to randomly collect any balloon  and give it to the person, whose name is written on that balloon.Within minutes everyone had their own balloons.   The speaker then said’ exactly this is what happening in our lives, everyone is looking for happiness here and there, but our happiness lies in the happiness of others, give them their happiness, you will get your own’

 So, don’t think too much how can you help other’s, just start,  it is a mentality, don’t believe me just watch the following video-                                                                                                                                                                   JOY in helping.                                                   And I remember someone said ‘you don’t become handsome,just by looks,you become handsome when you give your hand to someone’.

Have a great life, wherever you are and ‘WE ARE ONE’.


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