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I feel very guilty today, I feel bad because after two weeks i am posting something on my blog. This is not the way I wanted to run my blog but my computer probably had other plan, it has some issues, which prevents me to write my posts. 

Anyway two weeks has been great, lot ideas came in my mind to write, I have done quite a few things among which most memorable thing is running a  Marathon in my institute. This is my second marathon but the biggest one for me this time. I run regularly in the mornings for approx. 3 km but running more than 10 km at a time, I was not sure I can do it. But I have done it quite comfortably in 55 mins. And yes it was a phenomenal experience, the endorphin hormone release makes us happy for no reason people say, well I have experienced the bulk release of endorphin and it really makes me feel good._DSC5914

Running from last few months, I have realised running long runs like marathon is very much similar to our life, if you want to run a 100 or 200 meter sprint you need a burst of energy for few seconds but a marathon is not about burst of energy for few seconds, just like being happy or feeling satisfied or succesful for some days or months may be easy, you get great marks in your exam, you have win a competition, you get a job or you are getting married,  all these occasions are our happy occasions, we feel really happy. But being in that state for a long time or throughout our life is not that easy. Ups and downs are part of our life, every time some new challenge comes, ultimately those who remain optimistic during tough times and balance their emotions well are the winners in life.

Same is the case for a marathon finisher, if you get too excited and run very fast for some minutes, you will get tired very soon and quit, you have to balance your pace  every time according to your body just like balancing our emotions. It’s not about beating others and becoming 1st, its about beating your own limited beliefs and win. At some time you feel like quitting (lactic acid storage try to make you quit) during the run but if you continue the run, after a certain time you will be at very ease and that pain will vanish. It is more about mental stamina than physical stamina.

To me running a marathon is not just a sport, it is more than that. It can affect your life more than you think, to know some facts read here

So don’t think too much how you can do it, I don’t have good stamina or I am too old, just start who knows you it might change your life one day, and for those who still just consider marathon an another sport, a girl from North Carolina has something to say to them-


Some pics from the event-


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