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Frequency, a term we all read in science books. In physics, it defines as the number of waves that pass a fixed point per unit time. We all are familiar with that.

But what connection does frequency has with your life? How are they related?                    Nikola Tesla, One of the greatest mind lived on the earth once said-

 “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe                                                                                                                       think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

The whole universe is nothing but consist of different energy. Each element here whether living or non-living made of same substances. At the atomic level, it’s electrons, protons, neutrons (which are further made of subatomic particles). The only difference between the two elements is their atomic structure and their energy, which are vibrating at different rates. This the difference between you and all your friends, between you and any other thing of this planet. 

It is a proven fact today that the human body produces electricity and your brain uses most of that. So every time you have some thought it costs energy. Thus it is of no surprise that every thought is a energy with a particular vibrational rate. According to some researcher, an average adult come up with nearly 60000 thoughts per day.   Imagine how much electricity that is costing! 

You are basically a transmitter which can receive energy (from the universe) and transmit energy (to the universe). That means whatever you are doing and feeling at this moment is the result of, the kind of energy you are transmitting and, in turn, the kind of energy you are receiving from the universe. There is a famous chart for different frequencies of thoughts called ‘Omega Chart of Consciousness’


As you can see these are some of the human emotions listed with their frequency ranges. As you raise the energy frequencies, your life will move towards joy and fulfillment.

To give you another evidence, how much our thoughts are powerful Dr. Masaru Emoto performed an interesting experiment on the water to see how powerful human thoughts are. I have written about this experiment in one of my posts previously, you can read it  by clicking here. This experiment shows how your energy can influence your environment and the other way how your environment can influence the frequency of your thoughts. 

You must have been in those kinds of situations in life where you want to achieve a goal and working hard towards that but somehow you are never reaching to your goal. You want to have the abundance of money in your life and working really hard for that but you never reaching your financial goal. What is happening?                                                      Christie Marie Sheldon, a world-renowned energy healer said we all have some mental blocks at some point of life which prevents us from achieving our desired goal.                   But what are these mental blocks? Take the above example, you want to have financial freedom and working hard for that but somehow unconsciously you have placed thoughts like ‘I can’t have enough money’, ‘money is evil‘, ‘money will disturb my mind‘ in your subconscious mind. Now it’s obvious, you will receive lower frequency energies from the universe which in turn will manifest in your life. It is true for all the areas of your life. So to achieve your goals first step is to remove all those mental blocks from your subconscious mind. 

But how to remove those mental blocks if we are not aware of it?

Christie Marie Sheldon says there are few steps we should follow to remove those-

First, you should have faith in yourself and some higher source of energy. It could be God or anything you would like to believe. She calls it ‘connect to light’. 

Second, you have to identify the problem or block you want to solve. Find out the exact problem.

Third, Once you found the area of the problem it’s time to dive deeper into your mental block. What’re the blocks I have? Why I am believing this way? From where did I learn this?

Finally, you have to replace your block with a healing thought. Never say ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I can’t have knowledge and wisdom like that’ just changing the thought to  How can I afford that? or how can I have more knowledge will open up newer possibilities?

Remember your parents and well-wishers time and again told you to stay away from negative people. Toxic people send negative energies like shame, fear, guilt, grief etc. to the universe and in turn receive the same. If you allow your surroundings to pull down your energy field to a lower level. You will have the same manifestations.                                                                           But What if you want to shift your vibration to a higher frequency. There are temporary solutions like take a cold shower, do meditation for a few minutes, sing your favorite song you will feel great for some time (your vibration will rise for some time).  

But to have a permanent shift you need to destroy the old frequencies. You can do it by either influencing your current frequency of thoughts to shift it to a higher level. For example, autosuggestion is a great way for this. Talk about good things about you and how can you be better with yourself. Visualize your goals in such a way that you feel strong emotions.  This way you will send higher frequency thoughts to the universe.  One thing you must realize is you should not have any mental blocks when you want to change your frequencies. When you want to grow in your career but subconsciously believe that ‘I don’t have enough skill or talent to reach there’ situation become complicated.                                                                                                                                         Or you can intentionally change your environment to change your frequency like you can stop spending time with negative people (who sucks your energy), meet with productive people. Stop reading or watching the negative news every day; Instead, read good books and articles. Once you adapt these, your frequency will resonate at a higher frequency and will experience a sense of fulfillment.

I know all the thing above might sound like you have heard it before somewhere which people call ‘Law of Attraction’ but believe me it’s not about what is the law or why is this a law. It’s about understanding that rationally and intuitively. 

To manifest anything in your life you must first believe it will happen. Whatever happened in your life or will happen in your life is due to your frequency of thoughts. However, it is not a overnight magic. Like any good thing, it gets better with practice over time. If you are interested, you can know in detail about these. I have linked a few links below.

So where are you in the frequency table? According to most mental energy expert, most people on the earth are dwelling in the range of 100 to 400, depends on where they live.     Where are you? It’s time to implement frequency from the textbook of Physics to your life and raise it.



Have a joyful week. Until next time.                                                                                                                                                                –Joy





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