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It”s OK to fail.

By July 16, 20172 Thoughts
One may think ,why i am suddenly interested about failing ,well no one likes to fail (i am too).
Of course we feel  low when we  fail , but wait a minute and think does not all the succesful  people you know failed in their life   ( not once but may be several times).

Then why we become soo worried and behave as if we have commit some crime (as if our life is gone) ,and take wrong decisions .

On the other hand it is also true that in India , no school ,college,university teaches us
how to handle failure and go ahead in life.
Probably that is why , India is one of those countries where number of youth committing  suicide per year is enormous.
Students commiting suicide at educational Institutions is very common in our country
Just think about it, a teenager , ends his/her  life just because he fails , does not know  life is bigger than his /her problems.

Why can”t we take failure as normal part of our life and learn from it.
If the greatest people on earth can fail ,why not we.

In a way  if you think, failing is a sign that we are trying to learn (or to know) something .
If you never wish to learn you will never fail.
Yeah ,i know some people will say after putting so much hard work if we fail ,it is difficult to accept,
but then who said you have achieved nothing , think carefully during the process you have learned so much things , and next time you are going to do this,  you know what not to do.

          And there are people  who has worked much harder than you ,still fail  but unlike many of us they try once more and win, for example take the case of Jack Ma, you can read his full story here
and many people are there like him.

So next time if you fail , think you are trying seriously, just need to push yourself  littlebit harder
and learn from your mistake. Always remember steve jobs connect your dot speech. May be your mistake is a dot which you can only connect after few years.

              Don’t have a fixed Mindset ,have a growth mindset.

We all are on the same page when we born, as we grow  up what makes us different is our attitude towards life,  people who are mature enough to handle failure in the right way are the succesful one in this  school of life.

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