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How The Internet Changing Ouyr Brain

How The Internet is Changing Our Brain

By Books, Social 2 Comments

Today, 5.4 billion people worldwide use the internet in their daily lives, and this number will only continue to grow. I am sure you would not be surprised at all to know that internet usage has a significant impact on our brains. The deeper questions are how and what it changes within our brains. And should we be worried at all? For most of my life, I have tried to be conscious of what and how I like to utilize the internet. As much…

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The State of Science in India

The State of Science in India: Failures, Hope, and Future from Personal Viewpoint

By Education, Science, Social No Comments

I thought at least five times that I probably should not write on this subject. This is such a vast and complex subject that several Ph.D could be awarded. Then I wondered what is the point of having a personal blog if I can not even express views on topics close to my heart. Besides doing a PhD in India has made me realize the challenges (and opportunities) of scientific research in India. Science, especially scientific research, plays a pivotal role in the growth…

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Death of Hobby in the Age of Hustle Culture

By Social 4 Comments

It was January 2017 and I just joined a doctorate programme. The nitty-gritty of doing scientific research and longer working hours made me feel overwhelmed at times. I used to ponder while sleeping, what can I do to make me feel better? Something that can take away the overwhelming feelings sometimes. I was in particular looking for a personal activity. Personal so that I don’t have to talk to others to make it happen and I can control what, how, and when to do…

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Lessons from ancient Infdian education system

Three Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Ancient Indian Education System

By Education, Social No Comments

Malcolm X, an African-American leader once said- “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” There is no denying that a country’s future can be predicted by looking at its education system. Today’s children are not only citizens of tomorrow but the country’s builders in the future. Every great leader and culture understood this. That’s why even if you go back 5000 years, you would find the importance of education in those times. Sometimes I…

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Online education- Joy

The Rise of Online Education: Can It Replace The Traditional Education System?

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Remember those days when the first thing you used to think after waking up in the morning was about school. When Wearing the school uniform was a part of your life. Our school memories fill us with a euphoric feeling. Those were wonderful days. Today we have come to an age where children wake up in the morning and open their computers to learn. The purpose of visiting the school and opening computers is the same, it is to learn but the mediums have…

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Rustum Roy

Rustum Roy: The Enigmatic Indian Scientist

By Biography, Science No Comments

A few weeks back I first heard about Prof. Rustum Roy and my reaction was ‘damn, what is wrong with me, why I haven’t heard about him before’.  I know about movie stars, sports stars, and other celebrities of India and around the world but why haven’t I heard before about such an astounding person like Rustum Roy who can shift your paradigm of thinking? Perhaps because our society doesn’t consider true scientists as celebrities and the media never show us about their life and…

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What is Cinema for – Is it Just Entertainment or a Medium to Empower?

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Where do you get your values from? Who shaped your beliefs? One would say, our parents, friends, and neighbors influenced us. Partially it’s correct. Partially because you are less of what your parents told you to be and more of the kind of media you consumed throughout your life. Especially, in today’s internet generation, it is very relevant. A child before learning how to walk learns about the smartphone. Before joining a school, a child learns to play YouTube. Most of the teenagers of…

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26 Lessons Life Taught Me After I Turn 26

By Health and Fitness, Personal Growth, Relationships, Science, Social 2 Comments

I often wonder, why do people celebrate their birthday? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it. The celebration is great and we must do that to make someone feel special. But what is the purpose? Maybe to remind someone how special he/she is or to let someone know that his/her birth has made some difference to this world or maybe something else. Perhaps there is no single answer. What do you think about this? Why a birthday celebration is meaningful to you?…

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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Shaping Humanities Future

By Health and Fitness, Personal Growth, Science 6 Comments

It’s been 48 days since I wrote the last blog post on this website (wrote on 23rd February). From that time to now, a lot of things have drastically changed in the world. The world has witnessed a new pandemic in the form of the novel coronavirus. Almost a million people infected and more than 10000 died till now. No one knows how many more lives will die off the virus. I have been reading from various sources about the virus and its implications….

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My Favourite Video Channels for Learning and Development

By Personal Growth No Comments

In one of my previous blogposts named ‘Why Reading is Essential for Unleashing Your Potential?“ I discussed the ill effects of spending too much time in front of television. Since then a few people had asked me whether there are any positive effects of watching videos. Sure. Why not? I still believe that reading books are 100 times better than watching videos. However, in some cases, videos have an edge over books. For example, if you are trying to grasp some complicated concept, perhaps watching…

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