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Have you ever been in a situation where your family has asked your opinion before taking an important decision?

Although you were right at what you have suggested, your family neglected your suggestion and took exactly the opposite decision just because the majority of your family members support the opposite idea. Your knew from inside that what you said was absolutely correct and the wrong decision made is going to hamper your family in the future but you can’t do anything.

This exactly depicts the meaning of this article, where you represent medical science and your family members medical industry.

If anything fascinates me most in this world, that’s humans. I mean you think about our creature sometimes deeply and I am sure you will find the same thing too.

In fact, there is a ecologist named Ellis Silver, who argues that we, humans, are not originally from earth but from somewhere else. We are a foreign creature here. He has written a book also on this named ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence’. You can read it if you wish.

Whether you believe him or not but humans are pretty strange. There is no denying about this

Look at other animals, birds, or any living creature. Among all of them, we have advanced most from the time we exist. We rule the world (you can say perhaps) but instead of all the advancements we are our lives are not advancing to that extent.

In pursuit of becoming happier, we are becoming miserable. We try to become healthier, but we are becoming prone to new diseases. Something is fundamentally wrong don’t you think?

Ask your grandfather (or even your father) about their lifestyle when they were young. You probably can’t imagine your life like that but when you listen to them carefully, you will be amazed that they were somehow more healthy and content in their lives instead of not having the luxuries of today’s world. Perhaps your grandchildren will experience the same thing.

All of us want to live longer and in quest of that, we have built a super special healthcare industry. And no doubt we have been successful in eradicating a lot of deadly diseases.

Antibiotics are one of the greatest discoveries in medical science. Vaccination has been a great weapon for us. Once deadly small pox, Diptheria, yellow fever, polio are almost gone from our planet.

The number of different organs that can be replaced in the human body is extraordinary.

Latest development is the stem cell therapy. Scientists believe that stem cell therapy can change the face of human diseases and alleviate suffering.

Take a pause and think again, instead of all this, are we healthier today? Are we living longer?

You know the answer is a big no.

So what is wrong with us? Is there any loophole in our healthcare industry?

But our medical science research upon things and then they prove facts.

How can there be any loophole?

Remember medical science is just like that younger family member who knows he/she is right (the example given at the beginning of the article) but there is an entire industry, who are the majority in number dictates everything in healthcare industry.

Why does this medical industry most often take decisions which are not aligned with a healthy life?

Because they want to make money. It’s a huge business for them. And it’s called fear business (or a business out of ignorant/innocent people).

Think about it, what does a business person want?

More customers, more revenue right. If people are not falling sick, if people are feeling great about their bodies then who will go to them.

Mind it, when I am mentioning medical industry, I am not talking about medical science. Science gives us facts upon extensive research, investigation for a prolonged time. So chances are high that science won’t misinform us or even if they do sometimes, they correct themselves in the future.

But how many of us really aware of the latest findings of medical research?

Very few, unless you are very enthusiastic, fitness freak or studying in such a specialization. Whenever we face any problem regarding our health, we consult a doctor with the hope that he is the expert in his domain and knows the solution.

But alas! in todays time even some doctors are ignorant about latest medical science and many of them utilize their patients as an instrument to earn money. Many of the doctors represent the ruthless dacoits of earlier times.

There are thousands of stories about how doctors cheat with their patients. They have collaboration with pharmaceutical industries and pathology labs. So they ask their patients to go through hundreds of tests and recommend them to take a variety of medicine even if they don’t need. Most of the hospitals are just merciless butchers.

There is a term called ‘Disease Mongering’ which means the practice of extensive tests and treatments done by your doctor to make you feel sick. It’s a practice to make money out of healthy people. Whoever has visited today’s super speciality hospitals must have experienced this.

Cartoon describing ‘Disease Mongering’

In 2011, there was an article published in ‘News Week’ named ‘One word that will save your life‘. If you are serioos about your health then please read this article once.

This article talks about new research which shows how extensive medical tests and treatments in hospitals do more harm to our body than good.

So, what is the way out for us who are not so aware of what new medical science is suggesting?

How can we protect us from these ruthless dacoits or merciless butchers?

Suppose there is an aquarium in your home with healthy fishes dancing and moving from one side to another. But with the passage of time, the water in the aquarium gets contaminated and the fishes start falling sick.

Now, what will you do?

You have two options-

  1. Either you take out the fishes, treat them and put them back in the contaminated aquarium.

2. Or you replace the contaminated water with fresh water.

In todays hospitals you can expect the first option to be applied. But if you are smart you will choose the 2nd option. To get rid of a disease you have to remove its root, not its symptoms.

When you say ‘I want to cure this disease’, you should heal your body through the fuels you are putting in your body. Medicines are meant to use only in emergency situations when you need some relief. You should not think of medicines as permanent solutions.

How many times you have seen any animal falling sick?

Very rare right. Does their biochemistry inside the body is better than us?

I don’t think so. They don’t disturb their bodies chemistry by putting any foreign element.

“Nature has created us, so the power to heal us is within nature itself”

Enough of discussion. What’s the solution/conclusion?

How healthy is our body depends on two things.

  1. What we eat
  2. What we think

Your life will change when you start eating foods that are aligned with nature’s choice.

Before that, what to avoid completely? Below is a summarised list. I am not going into details as these are established facts and you can research about all of them separately.

1. Refined Sugar:

It’s equivalent to poison. It does almost nothing good for our body and responsible for most of the diseases.

2. Caffeine:

You are thinking, it gives us instant energy, refreshness. It’s too acidic in nature and not good for our body. Even if you want to, maybe once per day is probably ok.

3. Table Salt:

A small amount of salt is required for maintenance of good health but that need is fulfilled from vegetables. You don’t need extra table salt to fulfill that.

Moreover, when taken in little excess it is responsible for a plethora of diseases.

4. Fried Food:

The frying and prolonged heating of foods lead to the formation of free radicals. We know how damaging these free radicals can be. Especially avoid those deep fried foods.

Avoid eating micro-waved foods. Microwave exposure causes a significant decrease in nutritive value.

5. Fast Foods:

Oh, man! these are equivalent to garbages. If you care about your health even a little bit, stay away from these garbages. All shit things like mono sodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame (artificial sweetner) are found in so called fast foods.

Now there are few things which we are used to eat maybe from our childhood but in reality, they are not as good as we used to think. Some of them are like-

6. Refined Cereal:

White flour and polished rice are the two most widely used refined cereals in our day to day food. The outer husk is removed from wheat and rice while during refining. The outer husk is the major source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Your body has to work much harder while absorbing such refined cereals. Gluten present in them also causes problems in many people. Avoiding them completely would be impractical for most people, but surely we can reduce their intake.

7. Milk:

I know this one surprised you. This one surprised me too. To be honest there is no direct evidence that milk harms our body.

Well, this a debateable thing at the moment but many experts believe that milk is required during infancy (talking about cow or buffalo’s milk) when the infant is not able to take any other solid or liquid food, but milk is not meant for lifelong use.

No animals except human beings continue to drink milk lifetime.

With age the enzymes which help in the digestion of milk become inactive in some people, as a result some component of milk get glued to various parts of the digestive system, resulting in overall blockage of the system and prevents the absorption of nutrients in the body. And don’t worry, even if you don’t drink milk, you will not become calcium deficient.

Still, I am arguing about whether you should drink milk or not. You observe your own body, research by yourself and find out what’s best for you.

You might be thinking about what to eat then?

First of all, don’t believe in any particular type of diet. Our biochemistry is so complex that it is impossible to micro manage it. Therefore, we should return to the pattern of eating to which our bodies have been adapted over millions of years.

I found an excellent chart describing how much and what should we consume daily. Hope you will find it useful.

Lifestyle Diet Chart

Our body is the best manager of its biochemistry. Don’t interfere by putting unnecessary toxic things into the body.

Our thoughts are another important factor for good health which we often ignore. Every thought you have have a powerful impact on the cells of your body.

Positive high vibrational thoughts can purge your body diseases and negative stressful thoughts can confer your body a series of diseases. Your frequency determines your life.

Just remember

“Hospitals are not about health, but they are all about diseases.”

Your health is your true wealth. Take care of it.

Have a healthy week. Until next time.



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