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In one of my previous blogposts named ‘Why Reading is Essential for Unleashing Your Potential? I discussed the ill effects of spending too much time in front of television.

Since then a few people had asked me whether there are any positive effects of watching videos.

Sure. Why not?

I still believe that reading books are 100 times better than watching videos. However, in some cases, videos have an edge over books. For example, if you are trying to grasp some complicated concept, perhaps watching a video will help you initially to an idea about that.

It is not like you should abandon watching videos. In fact, in today’s time, it is not very practical. My suggestion only is to keep the ratio of reading: watching videos up to 60:40 or at least 50:50. Read more, watch less.

Videos can be a great source of learning, entertainment if you choose them mindfully.

Of course, everyone has their own taste. Here I am going to share with you my top 7 Video Channels (Streaming/YouTube). Because I think video streaming platforms or YouTube Channels have richer content, I am excluding Television from the list.


1. Curiosity Stream

This one is my favorite hands down.

The day I found this one, I literally thought ‘this is what I was looking for’

It is a place to stimulate your intellectual quest.

Curiosity Stream is an online video streaming service, just like Netflix or Amazon Prime video. But here you will get to see high quality documentaries on various subjects like Science, Nature, History, Arts, Humanity, etc.

The range of topics in each section are wide, ranging from space to psychology (Science), from ancient history to modern history. The best part is all the documentaries are informative and engaging. The subscription fee is just INR 1437 (20$ per year), much less than Netflix.

If you have a curious mind that looks to unravel different mysteries of nature, you should definitely check out Curiosity Stream.


2. Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell

This is a YouTube channel which takes an interesting and complex topic and explains it in a simplistic way. The best thing is, of course, their content backed up by amazing research and great storytelling.

Occasionally, they post all their research on a particular topic on their website You can rely completely on their content. The kind of illustrations and animations you will see in their videos is very unique. If you want see an example of how to make complex thing simple and effective, watch this channel. A sample video I am posting below-


3. It’s Okay to be Smart

Another reliable YouTube Channel to expand your knowledge on diverse subjects. The channel is run by Joe Hanson, Ph.D.

He mainly posts a science video every week. This channel can answer your questions which always baffled you, like why vegetables have different colors? why blue is so rare? etc. You can request to make a video in case you want answer of something. Video lengths vary from 4-15 minutes. I enjoy this channel and hope you will too.


4. Nas Daily

Well, this one is very different from other channels. The videos are of only one minute.

Have you ever thought how are people in Rwanda or Iceland? Who are the strangest people on earth?

This channel can give you these answers in just one minute.

You wouldn’t find this channel on YouTube (no official channel on YouTube), instead on Facebook. Why is it so?

The man behind this channel Nuseir Yassin has an amazing story. Read this post to know the whole story.

In short, if you want to see a better sight of our world, watch the one minute videos of this channel.


5. Ted-Ed

Another of my trustworthy channels that make short animated educational videos. The range of topics is very diverse. It covers almost everything. You will surely gain something after watching their videos. If learning new and exciting things about humans, nature exhilarates you, watch Ted-Ed videos.


6. TED

Here you can listen to the ideas of different leaders of the globe. The talks are usually 10-17 minutes. It is like listening to all the experts of different backgrounds. Your thought process will change if you consistently listen to different people on this channel.

It is definitely a thought provoking channel. Do watch


7. Helly

This list would be incomplete without a bookish channel. This channel is run by an Indian girl. Here you will find videos on book reviews, book recommendations. I have read many amazing books after hearing her recommendation. Thanks to her.

And yeah, she doesn’t only make videos on books but also on productivity and student life, how to become a freelancer, etc. Overall, I found this is really worth your time whether you like books or not.


These are my favorite channels. If I have to watch videos sometimes, these are the places where I turn. I feel all of them really make sound, reliable, and knowledgeable content in an entertaining way.

Do check out these channels. I am very hopeful you will find them worthwhile to watch.

I can’t emphasize more on the fact that your life will change once you stop or reduce watching television. It is really an idiot box (although a few good channels perhaps exist).

Read great books and watch quality channels. I promise your perception about the world will change. And the change will be a better one.

“Our view about the the world is shaped by what we read and what we watch”

Have a meaningful week. Until next time.



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