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Nuseir Yassin- a name you probably never heard before.

However, if you are active on social media you probably heard or seen videos of ‘Nas Daily‘. Ok look at the picture below, you have probably seen him before on Facebook or Instagram.

Nuseir Yassin

If you don’t know him. that’s ok. By the end of this article, you are going to know a lot about this guy.

You might be thinking, but why should I know about this guy? What he has done?

Fair enough. How many times you have thought that the world is a terrible place to live and most people in this world are just self-obsessed, selfish, cruel, etc.?

We all have similar kind of thoughts at some point of life. Whenever something bad happens to us, we start thinking 99% of people in this world are cruel only 1% are still kind.

I promise at the end of this article this guys story will make you believe that it’s actually quite opposite. 99% of people in this world are kind, helpful only the remaining 1% is awful.

Who is Nuseir Yassin?

Nuseir Yassin, more popularly known for his Facebook page ‘Nas Daily‘, born in Arabba, Israel in the year 1992. He considers himself as an Israeli-Palestinian. Sounds strange!

In 1948 when Israel came into existence, some palestanian left from Israel, some got killed and some stayed there. He is from one of those communities who stayed in Israel and that’s why he considers himself as an Israeli-Palestinian .

Nuseir is middle of the four sons, his mother, a teacher, and his father, a psychologist, valued education. No wonder he understood the value of education and became interested in learning stuff from childhood.

After finishing his school in Israel, Nuseir wanted to study in one of the ivy league colleges (USA). There is a reason behind that.

In Israel, there is not much flexibility when it comes to learning diffrent subjects. For example, someone can study Aerospace Engineering only if he will be a pilot in the future. He said in one of his interviews-

“I wanted to be an aerospace engineer because I really like space. But I didn’t go to the army. And in Israel, you have to be a pilot of some sort [in order to study aerospace engineering]. It was impossible for me here. I just wanted to focus on what I enjoy doing; I didn’t want to be thinking about bombs and Arab vs. Jew. I just want to have fun.”

More than his brilliance as a student it was Nuseir Yassin‘s application letter to Harvard which made it possible to enter into Harvard. He wrote about his frustrations of not being able to pursue his dreams because of who he was, an Arab born in Israel. Once his application letter accepted, he was offered a scholarship to offset the cost.

In 2014 he graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. In the same year, he moved to New York to make his way through the ranks in the tech industry. He got a job at Venmo, a Paypal owned money transfer app where his salary was well above $100,000 per year. He was just 25 years old by this time.

In terms of education, career, income he had made it. But then something happened to him. Nuseir (Nas) began thinking about the worth of his life. He realized he already lived one-third of his life and spending most of his time in a desk of the office. You can understand it when he said-

“It seemed like I was selling my life for money, my life was worth more than $120,000 a year.”

It was that time when decided to travel the world and make his life meaningful. Most importantly, he decided to document his travels on a quick one minute video.

Why only one-minute video?

He answered-

“It has to be one minute because people are busy”

But traveling the world was not an instantaneous decision. He planned for it consciously. Before leaving his job, Nuseir decided how much money he’d need to get by while traveling the world.

He figured out that someone could reasonably live on $60,000 a year in New York, so he saved up that amount before leaving his job.

Finally, in 2016, he quit his job, bought a camera, a plane ticket, and committed himself to travel the world fulltime. At the same time, he took an oath to make one video (of 1 minute) every day while traveling different places.

Nuseir set up a Facebook page named ‘Nas daily‘, where Nas means people in Arabic. He posted one video everyday on his page for continuous 1000 days. Isn’t it amazing!

His first stop was Kenya, where he arrived with a plan to make videos while he was on his trip. It was also when the budding vlogger realized he could earn money — and perks such as free hotel stay.

“I got a job offer after 18 days: $3,000 a month to work in Nigeria to teach five people how to make videos,” Yassin said.

Hosting educational workshops, and other freelance assignments are the things that are key to financial stability for Yassin while traveling.

First 150 videos he recorded got almost no attention from people but slowly his one minute videos caught the attention of people worldwide and today he has 12 million followers only on Facebook and almost 1 million on Instagram.

So what his videos about which became so viral?

What I found most fascinating about his videos is, he shows us the world which typical media never bother to show us. He purposely sets his sight on less popular tourist destinations, like Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Malta, Armenia, many of which you probably never heard before. Till now he has traveled more than 65 countries.

He doesn’t talk only about how beautiful the place is in his videos but more importantly about people, the culture there. There is a message in each one of his videos to learn, which makes his one minute videos so charismatic.

“I make videos about people’s stories in a way that is human”- said Nas about his videos

You must be thinking what’s this guys profession now? How he is earning?

Nas has created a business off of his personal mantra of self-fulfillment. He consults for business and people looking to produce multimedia content. He earns revenue from Facebook ads embedded in his videos.

Moreover, he sells his own themed t-shirt which spells out what percentage of your life is already over in a smartphone battery form. You can even buy this t-shirt from his website. The t-shirt looks like this- 

Nas themed t-shirt

This t-shirt reminds you that even your life has a deadline. Before that deadline comes, use your time wisely. Live your life the way you want to live. See how cool is this t-shirt!

About his future plans, he said-

“I want to settle down in one place, raise $1 million, start a company and share what I learned from this year, my dream is to build a tech company that helps people discover content.”

 Yes, he finally settled down in Singapore this year. He called Singapore an ‘almost perfect country’. Have a look at this video-

These days he is making one video per week after completing his marathon 1000 videos.

Follow his Facebook page ‘Nas daily’ and Instagram page to get updates about his contents. Very soon he is going to start his own Podcast named ‘Nas talks’. I am pretty excited about that.

By the way, he doesn’t put his videos on YouTube first. There are reasons for that. Hear from him-

[facebook url=”” /]

Here are some best contents of Nas-

[facebook url=”” /]

Nuseir Yassin had everything according to modern standards, a degree from Harvard, a well paying stable job, living in New York but probably not what he wanted from life.

He sees life as ‘finite amount of time and energy’. Our life has a deadline whether you realize it or not. We all are going to leave this world one day. How you are going to utilize this ‘finite amount of time and energy’ is up to us. It’s better to think and reflect over your life in your 20s or 30s rather than having regret in your 60s.

On asking what’s the secret of producing good content and what inspires him he said-

“The way to make good content is to care about it. I’ve seen a lot of people do things they don’t care about just to make money.”
“I want to see the video when I’m 90 and be proud of it, not say that this is trash but I got paid for it,”

Don’t be a babbitt person, become a free soul.

Have a meaningful week. Until next time- Joy


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