Parapsychology- is it magic or Science ?

What you think ,how far we have come to know the mysteries of universe ?

Of course Science has come a long way to unfold many of the mysteries of universe.If you ask any Scientist these questions ,he would probably say ‘we don’t exactly know how far we have come ,there may be lot more to discover.

There are some physical laws in Science by which we think the universe is running (just like cause and effect ) , some scientists proposed the birth of universe is fromBig Bang’.       But Science proved facts based on experiments (mainly) but what about those cases where experimentation is not possible, what if physical laws are not applicable.

    Well, these facts arises in my mind because few days back i saw a quote of an extraoridinary scientist of mankind    Nikola Tesla ,here is the quote

                        nicola tesla

Nikola tesla was an extraordinary  mind, so what really he tried to say?

As i have said ,Science has some scientific laws, based on which we explain things in a logical way. But there are things ,where scientific laws are not applicable or difficult to explain using scientific laws,    So are those things fake? 

There can be things which write now looks impossible to explain using Science but one day we might able to explain. Think about it i mean  electricity once upon a time, it may had been  looked as a phantom phenomena to mankind as people were not able to understand that  until people like Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla were able discover and understands it’s characteristics ,so that people  were able to use it  for betterment of mankind. Similarly there are so many things.

So what are those non-physical phenomena that we are not able to explain now, well the branch  of science which studied such phenomena is called ‘Parapsychology’.                                      The areas which studied by Parapsychologists are mainly – Telepathy’, ‘precognition’, ‘clairvoyance’, ‘psychokinesis, near death experiences,reincarnation etc…..

You might familiar with some of these terms , none of these phenomena can be explained logically  using scientific laws and these might seem fiction right now but that does not guarantee these phenomena does not exist (they might not exist), science is skeptical about these at the moment and Scientists tries to prove  whether these are real or not and if real how can we explain these.

And few years back scientists has proved the existence of ‘Telepathy‘ by experiments , you can click the link text  below to know further about the experiments-                                          Telepathy experiment

Similarly a very new healing process now-a-days is ‘Distant healing‘, where a patient is  believed to be cured by the prayer of a healer. Sounds like just a story but very  soon (link ) they may become reality worldwide.

In the same way precognition and psychokinesis are some phenomena yet   to be           proved.

Although in some culture , these phenomena’s are believed to be true (recall your childhood you may heard about similar things)   but due to lack of scientific evidence these are considered to be superstitions.  But who knows science might able to explain these one day,

And when a genius like ‘Nikola Tesla’  gives so much importance on’ Non-physical phenomena’s’ then  there must be something. Any way we hope in future mankind will be able to unfold some more mysteries of universe and human civilization will reach a new height.    what’s your thoughts on this?   some links are given below if you further interested  in Parapsychology-                                                                                                                                                                             parapsychology      , there is also a whole book on this-                                                               Parapsychology- Science or Magic.

Remember the words of  ‘the most influential brain of this century‘-