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The Pale Blue Dot.

By July 23, 2017No Thoughts

Look at this pic carefully and guess what is that  tiny looking pale blue dot ?

What is this picture about ? 

No guess, well let me give you some hint,
all your memories, your failures, successes,anger, your heartbreaks, your first love, your laughs,all your knowledge about 
human civilization and other things ,infact  all your ( and our ) life reside only in this tiny blue dot.

Still not getting it, well this our home ,this is the earth, the planet where we live.

In 1977  a spacecraft build by NASA (Voyager 1) was launched in space.

It was on a mission and during that , an astronomer named ‘Carl Sagan’  asked the mission control room  to turn on one of the cameras to take a picture of earth from 6 billion kilometers from earth and then we get this picture.To know more about this you can click the link below

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes and imagine

how big the world can be? Can you Imagine?

Surely it is bigger than your imagination, and this is how the world looks from space (the above imge).

There are millions of galaxies ( or even more ) in this universe , in every galaxies there are millions of stars and planetary systems, and in one of those galaxies there is a star (The Sun) around that star revolving some planets , in one of those planets there are continents, ,those continents have countries, countries have states, states have districts  also those districts have areas , and in one of those areas we  live.

  If our world looks that tiny , then what are you (we all) to this universe 

Do your problems, your fears, your success, your frustrations, your complains, your rejections even matter to the universe?

At the end of the day you are toooooooo  tiny to this universe.

You have got 70 or 80 years (on average)  to live on this earth. Out of which you already have lived some years and last 10 or 15 years you will not be physically that much fit to to try new things in life.

So you get few years or few moments to  live the life you want.

Then why to have anger, greed, ego when these has no meaning at all, sometimes for temporary basis they may be  O.K (as we are emotional creature ) but never in the long run.

So, take control of your life, kick out that fear which holds you back , destroy your ego and be humble ( irrespective of what other’s think), have adventures, explore your life as much as you can.

Enjoy your time before you leave this earth

 ‘ Ultimately it’s your life, what matters most is your joy, your satisfaction.’

    So look at the sky and always remember the ‘PALE BLUE DOT ‘.

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