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How do you feel about people who are living far away from you, in a another country, another continent. And if you have not been outside your own country, how do you know about them? Oh come on! we are living in the internet era. Media wheather it is electronic or printing is one of the main medium to know about the people, who are far away from you. 

But what media shows us most of the time is, people are kind of strange in other parts of the world. Their lifestyle is different, they are no way similar to us. And unfortunately we believe them also. That is when you isolate yourself from rest of the world.

I have mentioned several times in my posts that “We are One”. I am always a firm believer of the fact that, people around the world are not different, they have the same needs, same kind of feelings just like you. Just because some crap media creates a wrong perception in our mind about people in other parts of world doesn’t mean they are different.

So, today I have proof to show everyone of you that what I am saying is absolutely true. There is a website named Dollar street” and it is just amazing. What does a website has to do with all this ? valid question.

Imagine you are living in a street with people all over the world beside you. Isn’t it amazing to think. Dollar street has made it possible, although through photos. If you are thinking you are very different from people of U.S.A, South Africa, Germany, India, Russia, Netherland, China or any other country you can think of then you are very wrong. Here is the proof.

 The basic idea of ‘Dollar Street‘ is to arrange families from different parts of the world according to their income not by locations (from left to right income increases, people in the same column have similar lives). These are just some of the pics I have taken from their website. There are more than 30000 photos of more than 200 familes from more than 50 different countries (Woooow!)

Not only this you can literally see what kind of toothbrushes, toys, toilets, beds etc. people use all over the world. Watch out-

So what does ‘Dollar Street’ teaches us-

When it comes to your daily life, your location matters less than your income. People with similar incomes have similar lives irrespective of wherever thay live. They are not different. Needs of people are same everywhere, everyone wants a  solid roof over head, a soft bed, good food, nice clothes etc. Everywhere around the world pet lovers are there. The more you explore this website, more you get to know about our world and how similar people are. 

Therefore I would urge you to visit and explore this website. You will fall in love with this. Finally I must tell you about that amazing person, who has bring the whole world so close to us. The concept of Dollar Street was invented by Anna Rosling Rönnlund (sweden).  It has been funded mainly by a grant the Swedish Postcode Foundation.  Her focus is as always the big picture – knowing that: what you see is what you understand.

anna rosling rönnlund

anna rosling rönnlund

According to Anna  “ The news show us images from other countries. We see wars, disasters, pandemics, refugees, corruption, animals, paradise beaches and exotic ethnic groups. All these things are extraordinary! In the rest of the world there seem to be no ordinary people and no everyday life.                                                                                                Nobody wants to be described as a strange characters in a fairytale. But to get our attention, that’s how the media portray people in other countries. People from different continents, with the same income, are neighbours on Dollar Street. The way people live on the same income levels is often surprisingly similar.”  Here is her famous ‘Ted talk”   


So, go and check out Dollar Street and realise that ‘We are really one”. And if you not convinced even now that we are not different, then what can I say you. Just imagine a day when aliens from other galaxy would attack us ( though I never want this to happen)  we have to unite then irrespective of caste, culture, country, continent (So why not now).    

Make the world your home. Have a great week.                                                                              Be in joy. Until next time.                                                                                                                                                                   -Joy 



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