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Have you ever thought of becoming expert in more than one field? In your childhood or teenage years, you must have thought about becoming may be a scientist, a musician, a doctor (whatever profession you like) at the same time. But alas! as you grow up you have chosen only one and take up that as your profession. It is very rare to become professionals in more than one field. 

But what if I say you, you could be a scientist, a musician, a doctor or whatever you want to be at the same time. At least Science says that is possible but not in this world where we live but where dimensions are more in number than earth.

Ok so let’s let’s dive little deeper into the fascinating world of Science to better understand this-                                                                                                                                           Dimensions are simply the different facets of what we perceive to be the reality. We all are aware of 3 dimensions of our world length, breadth, and depth. We can feel all three dimensions. To better understand look at the pictures-


One dimensional picture.


Two-dimensional picture.


Three-dimensional picture.

These are the dimensions which we can see and feel. But this is not done here. To better understand our world we need another dimension (4th dimension), time dimension. Without this, it’s difficult to differentiate between two or more incidents. It makes much more sense to say ‘ I will meet you tomorrow at 9 a.m’ rather than saying ‘ I will meet you tomorrow”. Everyone is continuously traveling in time dimension but only in front direction. With the passage of time, we are getting young than old but we can never travel reverse in time dimension with this four dimensions, which are known as space-time dimensions. 



These four dimensions are known to humankind since long back, from the time when Einstien explains how gravity works through space-time warp and curve. 

In the year 1919, a German mathematician Theodor Kaluza first proposed that our universe has more than 3 dimensions we know. But then how many dimensions our universe has?

According to ‘superstring theory’ (about which we will know later), our universe can have 10 dimensions. So first four we already know now how about the other six?

What is a fifth dimension? Remember I said what if you want to be in two professions at the same time (say a scientist and a singer). In a fifth dimension world, you can go left and right of time that means you can be a scientist and a singer at the same time but in two different worlds (known as parallel universe theory). So your scientist version doesn’t know that you are a singer also in another world. 


The Fifth Dimension: Possible Worlds


If you increase another dimension then your scientist version can literally meet with your singer version and you can compare both the versions. Through which your both versions travel and meet is known as the sixth dimension. In short, if you can experience fifth and sixth dimensions then just like in space you can travel backward and forward in time, you’d witness every possible permutation of what can occur past, present, and future. One interesting fact, however, is that in fifth and sixth dimensions all the parallel universes or worlds have same initial conditions or beginning (for example Big Bang). To understand simply in both these dimensions you are that same person (in your teenage years) before becoming scientist or singer.


The Sixth Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds With the Same Start Conditions


In the seventh dimensions, one can have access to all possible worlds that start with different initial conditions (unlike fifth and sixth dimensions). Everything is different here from the beginning. 


The Seventh Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds With Different Start Conditions

 The eighth dimension again gives us a plane of such possible universe histories and futures for each universe, each of which begins with different initial conditions and branches out infinitely.


The Eighth Dimension: A Plane of All Possible Worlds, Each With Different Start Conditions, Each Branching Out Infinitely

 In the ninth dimension, we can compare all the possible universe histories, starting with all the different possible laws of physics (where gravity operates differently, the speed of light is different etc.) and initial conditions.


The Ninth Dimension: All Possible Worlds, Starting With All Possible Start Conditions and Laws of Physics

In the tenth dimension, we arrive at the point in which everything that is imaginable and possible exists!
This is the ultimate! (one can consider is as the ultimate truth or God).

                                                                                                                                                                     These are possible dimensions Science proposed today but how do Science reach up to these ten dimensions and why can’t we see all the dimensions?

To answer the first question we have to know a little bit about string theory. So what are the basic, fundamental constituents making up everything around us we know? 

We all know everything is made up of atoms, inside atoms, there are electrons, protons, and neutrons but that’s not the end of story. Even neutrons and protons have smaller particles inside them known as quarks. up to here conventional ideas stop and here comes the String theory.

According to string theory deep inside these particles (quarks), there is a dancing filament of energy which looks like a vibrating string ( a one dimensional smallest thing about 10^-35 meter). Just like different strings in a musical instrument produce different notes, these tiny strings when vibrates in different frequencies produce different particles. These particles are responsible for different forces in the universe. In other words, it can explain everything around us and that’s why it also is known as ‘Theory of everything’.


Tiny vibrating strings.

But when Scientists tried to study the mathematics of string theory surprisingly it didn’t work in a universe that has just three dimensions, it didn’t work even in a universe with five, six or seven dimensions of space, finally it works in a universe that has 10 dimensions of space. That’s how the idea of 10 dimensions came.

But why can’t we see those extra dimensions? well, dimensions may come in two varieties- big, easy to see dimensions like length, width, depth and tiny, curled up dimensions which we cannot see even though they may be all around us.

And to prove the existence of these small extra dimensions a giant machine called ‘Large Hadron Collider (LHC)’ is built up in CERN, Geneva,( Switzerland). You can read more about these on their website

So if the existence of these dimensions proved experimentally then the theory of Relativity, Quantum mechanics, electromagnetism everything can be explained by one Unified theory (imagine).


Now imagine, after knowing about the possibilities of all such dimensions, who are you compared to this vast universe sorry better multiverse. Maybe a toooo tiny part right.

So throw out your ego and enjoy as long as you are on this tiny planet. And don’t forget to express your gratitude to that superpower who controls all the dimensions.                           What you think about all these dimensions?

Have an awesome week. Until next time.                                                                                                                                                                 -Joy






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