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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAg9AAAAJDNhMjA4ZTMxLWYzMzItNGVkYy04YWU4LTQzMDU1YTk2MjUxMAOoooh! is it looking like a scary image of some science fiction movie ?                                       But remember every science fiction has the potential to become a reality one day ( I am not trying to scare you). I would not like to call the above image fiction anymore. Over the last few years the way Artificial intelligence (AI ) has grown, it is a hardcore reality now. Wherever you are and whoever you are, your life is going to be dramatically affected by AI in the near future.

     So are you preparing yourself for a new changed world, where rules will be different, challenges will be different from now. You might think why should I bother about something in future. That’s because someone wise once said-

                       ” Tomorrow belongs to them, who prepare for it today “

Only the person who accepts change and adjust himself according to change can become succesful at any circumstances. You cannot succeed doing the same things ( what you do now) in a world where things are different . So whatever aim you have, you need to update it according to future world needs. But the question remains-                                                How do you future proof your job or anything you have in your mind ?

 The answer goes back to the most important investment humans can make, yes you guess it right ‘education’. As education is the passport to the future. So are you up to date with your education ? If you are thinking you have done your college or university education and got some degrees then sorry to say you but that’s neither up to date nor enough for the future. Imagine we have our all accesories up to date but not the most important  thing. What we used to learn in school, college or universities are just technical skills (atleast most of the time), which are just knowledge based. But a Robot is probably better in technical skills and do those things with much more efficiency than humans. According to a survey, by 2030 automation will take 800 million jobs from people. Don’t believe me read this report .

Jack Ma, the founder of few days back said

                            “Education is a big challenge now, if we do not change the way we teach, 30 years from now we will be in trouble. The way we teach-the things we teach our kids are the things from past 200 years- it is knowledge based and we cannot teach our kids to compete with machines, they are smarter. Teachers must stop teaching knowledge, we have to teach something unique, so that a machine can never catch up with us. These are the soft skills we need to be teaching our children, values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others. These are the soft parts, knowledge will not teach you that. This is why I think we should teach our kids sports, music, painting, art to make sure humans are diffeent. Everything we teach should be different from the machine. If the machine can do better, you need to think about it”

Of course new opportunities, new jobs will create. Only thing have to be ready for that.    Technical skills are fine but try to be better at skills like communication skill, creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, negotiation etc. This is the time to remind yourself that you are an human being for certain reasons that differentiates you from all other creature in this world. Soft skils are going to be equally (if not more) important than technical skills.

It’s not a race against machines, it’s just to show your worth as a human. Infact Robots can do more good than we think to us. Due to automation we will get everything much faster, also we may have to work less compared to now which means you will get more time to spend with your loved ones or on things you like. Ultimately everything will be for the beterment of us. Just make sure you don’t fall behind.


And just because you have a secure job and you live in a distant small place in this earth, thinking Artificial intelligence is not going to affect you in near futue. My suggestion would be- don’t behave like that rat who closed its eyes in front of a cat, thought the cat also could not saw it. 


With♥                                                                                                                                                                   -Joy

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