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MY First blog post

By August 13, 2017One Thought

I have been writing from quite a time on blogger,, now i feel it is the time to move to the next big step and i found i really enjoy writing. So finally i am on wordpress.

Soo, the question i often ask myself is when did i found i actually enjoy writing.

well, i used to write diary few years back ,then one day i went through my diary ,turning pages one by one and my diary gave a immense pleasure (as if my soul is getting nourished), then i decided to start it again but this time i decided to try in a different way. Just then idea of blog  flash up in my mind.

But the biggest question was what to write, i did’t want to write about just my daily lives, after all blogging is a social platform.

Just at that time ,several incidents happened to me, i get the chance to meet few great people like K.C Nicolaou (a great scientist), cathy o’ dowd ( a mountainerr,rock climber, infact the the only women the world to reach mount everest from both sides)and i always love to read biographies of people like A.P.J abdul kalam,Benjamin franklin.     I got the content of my first blog, i was sooo fascinated by their talks, their philoshopy that i decided to write about it. And i was so much in joy during the writing. Thats how my journey begins.

Then i decided to look deep inside myself and see what i really find fascinating to write, and being a booklover i find books  which makes us think, which changes our perspective towards the world most interesting.

So, I like to write about topics which is related to everyone of us and helps us to grow (be it science,arts or philosophy).

I am very much influenced by this one line by Benjamin Franklin-

             Many people die at 25 , but are not buried until 75

I don’t want  anyone to be one of those people, so together we learn ,together we grow.

By the way my name is joy and once a spritual guru told  hearing my name ‘joy spread joy’ 

believe i can do that . Suggestions about writing or blog or about anything is warmly welcome, feel free to contact at – or 


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One Thought

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